Restaurant Menu Le Relais du Mont Blanc, in MAGLAND

Find here, into the restaurant menu, different dishes served in the restaurant Le Relais du Mont Blanc.

Our Menus


Gourmet aperitif of the Relais of the Mont Blanc (for 2)

Tapas assortment or glass cups according to the Chef inspiration



Chef’s starter


Savoyard Baked egg


Raviolis with beaufort cheese gratin€10,00
Foie gras€12,00
Plate of Savoy delicatessen€13,50


Chef’s suggestion


Duck breast with sauce of your choice (mushroom or pepper)


Arctic chair, lemon foam, glazed small vegetables


Veal chop, mushrooms sauce


Piece of beef matured in a vine shoots sauce



Cheese platter and its dried fruits, jams


Our plate is elaborated by Cédric Cugnet, cheese maker in Annemasse


Chef’s Dessert


Poached pear in spicy red wine like mulled wine


Chef’s Tiramisu


Chef’s Millefeuille


Wild berries pie


Chocolate fudge cake


Cottage cheese (red fruit coulis or sugar or herbs)


Gourmet coffee or tea ( mix of small desserts)


Menu « Retour du marché »

Chef’s suggestion on slate

Starter, main course, cheese, dessert


Starter and main course or main course and cheese or dessert